Ron Holland The Fire In My Words.

Ron is the author of the book, ‘The Fire In My Words: The Anthology of a Social Provocateur.’ In the book,  you’ll traverse our cultural and social landscape with me as I tackle some of the most challenging issues of our day. From religious fundamentalism to relationships; from politics to poetry; from the exploitation of the American worker to the enduring love God has for all humanity.

 ‘The Fire In My Words’ removes the veneer of superficial social interactions and forces us to address our attitudes, beliefs, bias, and contradictions. In this anthology, I’m the antagonist, protagonist, and provocateur. Prepare to be challenged.  

Ron Holland is the Founder/Owner of ‘Authors & Writers, LLC,’ a literary promotions group that brings authors, writers and book lovers together to engage, interact and reinvigorate a passion for books, literature, and reading. 

Ron is a former Reporter for three New Jersey newspapers: The Asbury Park Press(the 2nd largest daily newspaper in New Jersey), The Shoreview Weekly News and City News of Newark, New Jersey. 

Ron also published his own Christian Newspaper, Faith & Works News, which was distributed to 42 churches in the City of Asbury Park, New Jersey, and surrounding communities.